Collaborating with Corporations

Most nonprofits know they can ask companies to sponsor fundraising events or provide grant funding for their organization, but there are countless other opportunities to get the corporations involved in your mission. In the first episode of Season 4, we talk about how nonprofits should partner with corporations. My guests this week were Melissa McWilliams from Fannie Battle Day Home and Chad Kahn from DipJar. I definitely recommend you listen to all of their great advice in the full podcast episode because we couldn't fit everything in this checklist!

Why The Big Payback matters, even if you don’t live in Middle Tennessee

Recently, I’ve been posting a ton of stuff on social media about the upcoming event The Big Payback, which is the local “day of giving” for the Middle Tennessee region. I’m very excited to be working with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to help train nonprofits on how to leverage this online giving day to increase their social media presence and cultivate donor relationships! But even if you don’t live in Middle Tennessee, I want you to get excited about the Big Payback too, because The Big Payback podcast episodes I’m creating (coming out in March & April!) can still benefit your organization.

When Social Enterprises Make More Sense

Nonprofit organizations help make the world go round, but so do social enterprises...and sometimes they do it even better! In Season 3, Episode 12, we’ll hear from social enterprise founders Emily Mahoney from BRANDED Collective and Dominique Anderson from Junior CEO Tennessee who help strengthen the social sector. This is a great episode for nonprofits who want to learn how to collaborate with social enterprises, and for aspiring nonprofit founders who may not have considered the option of starting a for-profit mission-led business.

Intro to Foundation Center

In Season 3, Episode 11, I want to introduce you to Foundation Center! Foundation Center offers free and inexpensive resources for nonprofits looking for funding opportunities, help developing infrastructure, and opportunities to grow their network. In this episode, we chat with Alexis Flannagan, the Community Outreach Manager of Foundation Center South, about all the resources offered by this great agency.

How to Grow in a Healthy Way

Every nonprofit has “pie in the sky” goals for growth, but it’s important to make sure you’re prepared to scale up in a healthy way before you jump in. In Season 3 Episode 10, I asked Tari Hughes, the CEO of Center for Nonprofit Management, how CNM’s consultants work with nonprofits to ask and answer the right questions as they scale up. I also spoke with Lauren LaViola, former Executive Director of Children Of Restaurant Employees (CORE), how her organization was able to grow on a national scale with all of their stakeholders spread across the country.