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My podcast is available for free download on your favorite podcasting platforms! In each episode, I chat with nonprofit professionals about their management, marketing, and development strategies. Every episode includes:

  • Discussion of a challenge commonly faced by organizations across many cause areas and sizes. I interview representatives from several nonprofits to make sure I represent multiple perspectives on each issue.

  • Anonymous Q&A -- I answer a question submitted by a nonprofit staff or board member which they don't feel comfortable asking publicly.

  • Submit A Brag -- Listeners nominate a colleague who deserves a shout out for their hard work and impact on the community.

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Help me choose my podcast topics

When you become a supporter of the Nonprofit Jenni Show, you can submit anonymous questions, nominate colleagues for a Submit A Brag segment, and vote on future episode topics. Supporters contribute $1 or more per month to help me cover production costs.

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