How to plan a capital campaign

In Season 4, Episode 4, we heard from two Development Directors who recently completed capital campaigns, each fundraising $5 million! Brooke Bernard from The Belcourt was raising money for major renovations for a historic theatre, and Teri Sloan from The Nashville Food Project worked to build a brand new facility, including a commercial kitchen and revenue generating meeting space.

Complicated Client Stories

The public can have trouble understanding why a social issue is so difficult to solve, and it’s up to you to explain all the layers that cause the problem. How do you explain why it’s so difficult to end addiction, sex trafficking, and other mammoth issues? In Season 4, Episode 3, Pamela Sessions and Savak Millis talk about their clients in recovery at Renewal House. Also, Emily Willmore talks about her clients who escaped trafficking with End Slavery Tennessee.

Future-Proof Your Nonprofit with Technology

Learn how to make your organization resilient to change with a technology infrastructure you actually understand how to use. Even if you have all the right technology systems in place, they won’t do any good if you don’t know how to use them or if they all operate in silos! Our three amazing guests in Season 4, Episode 2 were Blake Stockard from Kumwe Systems, Alicia Bell from Graceworks Ministries, and Nick Bicknell from Little Green Light.

Collaborating with Corporations

Most nonprofits know they can ask companies to sponsor fundraising events or provide grant funding for their organization, but there are countless other opportunities to get the corporations involved in your mission. In the first episode of Season 4, we talk about how nonprofits should partner with corporations. My guests this week were Melissa McWilliams from Fannie Battle Day Home and Chad Kahn from DipJar. I definitely recommend you listen to all of their great advice in the full podcast episode because we couldn't fit everything in this checklist!

Why The Big Payback matters, even if you don’t live in Middle Tennessee

Recently, I’ve been posting a ton of stuff on social media about the upcoming event The Big Payback, which is the local “day of giving” for the Middle Tennessee region. I’m very excited to be working with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to help train nonprofits on how to leverage this online giving day to increase their social media presence and cultivate donor relationships! But even if you don’t live in Middle Tennessee, I want you to get excited about the Big Payback too, because The Big Payback podcast episodes I’m creating (coming out in March & April!) can still benefit your organization.