Tips for Expanding to New Locations

In Season 3, Episode 7, we’re addressing some of the most common challenges I hear about from organizations looking to expand, including the question about how to raise awareness about your cause in a new geographic area, the struggle to find new donors to support another branch, and even figuring out how your operations should change to fit your new surroundings. In this episode, Grant Hensel from Nonprofit Megaphone shares how you can use the Google Ad Grant to help support your expansion. We also hear from Brenda Mikec, the Executive Director of Ride For Reading, about how her organization has expanded to work on a national level.


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☑️ Use the Google Ad grant to start raising awareness as soon as you decide where to open a new location.

Your website visitors can go to a webpage giving the information about when the new location launches and what services will be offered there. If you aren’t sure about all those details yet, you can have visitors sign up for an email waiting list so you can email out updates as they are available.

☑️ Use Google Ads to collect data about client and/or donor opportunities in a new geographic area.

Ask website visitors which services they need, and find out about the interest levels in different areas for your organization. Listen to the full podcast episode to hear some examples from Grant about the types of data you can collect through Google Ads.

☑️ See if you can partner with another organization with a presence in the locations where you hope to expand.

This organization may be able to help you find volunteers, or just spread general awareness, in the area where you hope to add a new location. Listen to the podcast episode to hear how Ride for Reading did this with a biking conference.

☑️ Consider what support you will need before you can expand.

What financial resources, human capital, planning time, etc., do you need so your new chapter will have enough support to be successful?

☑️ Be thoughtful about how you will communicate with your new location.

Will you need a new board of directors governing the new location, or will you just set up a volunteer committee which receives instruction from your primary board? How much autonomy do you want to give to your new location? What resources will the other location need from your flagship office to keep services and marketing materials consistent?

And if you need more help...

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What are your current goals? What issues are you facing? Give me some background information, and we'll go from there! I never charge for an initial consultation, and I'll be honest if I can't help you. I'll also be happy to connect you with the other resources in my network who may be able to provide better advice or services for your situation.

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