Easy, Creative Fundraising Ideas (which require little money & effort)

I just released Season 2, Episode 5 of my podcast, where I talked about three fundraising ideas that are super easy and inexpensive to implement in your nonprofit! These are great for organizations whose boards and staff feel fresh out of fundraising ideas, or maybe just don't have the time to plan out a labor-intensive fundraiser right now.

I'm actually going to try a brand new blogging style today! Instead of summarizing the episode, I'm going to give you a checklist of action items you should take to implement the advice my guests and I give throughout the episode. This way, you don't have to read a lengthy novel after each episode to get the gist when all you really need is the 'where do I go from here' information.

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Here is this week's checklist:

☑️ Get a DipJar!

Here are some examples of how you can use your DipJar:

  • Ask for donations from the 'losers' at your silent auction
  • Checkout station for your wine/jewelry/whatever pull at your event
  • Sell your organization's swag at events, festivals, trade shows, etc.
  • Keep it at a cafe, store, or other business's cash register for a short period of time and encourage customers to donate
  • Keep it in a business's employee break room for a short period of time and encourage employees to donate

☑️ Make sure your branding is consistent across all platforms, and use your brand often.

☑️ Get bold with your donation asks.

☑️ Audit your fundraising practices to be sure everything you're doing is legal and ethical.

☑️ Sign up for DLyted by contacting barry@dlyted.com!

Here are some examples of how you can get the most out of your DLyted account:

  • Buy gift cards for stores you already shop at
  • Buy gift cards as presents for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, housewarming gifts, holidays, and other celebrations
  • Spread the word to your supporters through email, social media, board meetings, events, and training sessions with volunteers

☑️ Sign up for ChangeBowl!

And if you need more help...

☑️ Email me and tell me what's going on at your nonprofit.

What are your current goals? What issues are you facing? Give me some background information, and we'll go from there! I never charge for an initial consultation, and I'll be honest if I can't help you. I'll also be happy to connect you with the other resources in my network who may be able to provide better advice or services for your situation.

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