When Social Enterprises Make More Sense

Nonprofit organizations help make the world go round, but so do social enterprises...and sometimes they do it even better! In Season 3, Episode 12, we’ll hear from social enterprise founders Emily Mahoney from BRANDED Collective and Dominique Anderson from Junior CEO Tennessee who help strengthen the social sector. This is a great episode for nonprofits who want to learn how to collaborate with social enterprises, and for aspiring nonprofit founders who may not have considered the option of starting a for-profit mission-led business.

Intro to Foundation Center

In Season 3, Episode 11, I want to introduce you to Foundation Center! Foundation Center offers free and inexpensive resources for nonprofits looking for funding opportunities, help developing infrastructure, and opportunities to grow their network. In this episode, we chat with Alexis Flannagan, the Community Outreach Manager of Foundation Center South, about all the resources offered by this great agency.

How to Grow in a Healthy Way

Every nonprofit has “pie in the sky” goals for growth, but it’s important to make sure you’re prepared to scale up in a healthy way before you jump in. In Season 3 Episode 10, I asked Tari Hughes, the CEO of Center for Nonprofit Management, how CNM’s consultants work with nonprofits to ask and answer the right questions as they scale up. I also spoke with Lauren LaViola, former Executive Director of Children Of Restaurant Employees (CORE), how her organization was able to grow on a national scale with all of their stakeholders spread across the country.

Social Media Fundraisers

Many nonprofit organizations I speak with have tried social media fundraising before with less-than-stellar results. However, I always preach about the benefits of social media, so I’m devoting Episode 8 in Season 3 to the best practices for these online fundraisers! In this episode, we chat with Stacy Nunnally from Safe Haven Family Shelter and the Tennessee Imagination Library and Lara Buckheit from DLyted about the importance of consistency in your social media strategy, how to add an online fundraising component to your major fundraising events, and how to find and activate influencers who support your organization.

Tips for Expanding to New Locations

In Season 3, Episode 7, we’re addressing some of the most common challenges I hear about from organizations looking to expand, including the question about how to raise awareness about your cause in a new geographic area, the struggle to find new donors to support another branch, and even figuring out how your operations should change to fit your new surroundings. In this episode, Grant Hensel from Nonprofit Megaphone shares how you can use the Google Ad Grant to help support your expansion. We also hear from Brenda Mikec, the Executive Director of Ride For Reading, about how her organization has expanded to work on a national level.