Nonprofit Jenni Services

I teach nonprofit organizations how to maximize their positive impact through the following services:

  • Coaching through the incorporation of your nonprofit organization

  • Developing your strategic marketing plan

  • Creating a comprehensive development strategy

  • Providing support with execution of your marketing and development strategies

  • Training your board of directors on their responsibilities to your nonprofit

  • Establishing connections between your organization and qualified support professionals

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About Nonprofit Jenni

My mission is to create to a stronger nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit organizations are strongest when they prioritize their mission and impact first…but that’s hard. It requires putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, opening yourself up to criticism, recognizing your own areas of weakness and limitations, and collaborating with others who can fill the needs you can’t.

One way I support a stronger nonprofit sector is through the Nonprofit Roundtable event series. At each Nonprofit Roundtable, nonprofit professionals and board members discuss a common challenge to learn from one another, share resources, and find opportunities to collaborate.

I also work to support nonprofit professionals who just can’t handle another blog post, webinar, or event by producing the free Nonprofit Jenni Show podcast. My subscribers love to listen while they’re commuting to work, folding laundry, and working out.

My passion is working with smaller organizations.

There are tons of resources available to nonprofit organizations, but most resources naturally favor larger organizations. Smaller organizations often just don’t have the time or budget to invest in utilizing outside resources.

I work to make my consulting services more accessible to smaller organizations by helping clients obtain grants to cover my fees. If an appropriate grant cannot be identified, I offer a sliding scale based on the organization’s revenue from the prior fiscal year.