How to Create Programs

In Season 2, Episode 9, I spoke with the Executive Directors of MindWorks Collaborative and Unscripted to learn about how they created their innovative programs from scratch. Both of these organizations work in very niche, unique cause areas, so they didn't have the luxury of looking at other organizations' programs to help guide their planning process. I asked Martrice and Emma for their advice on creating new programs at a nonprofit organization.

Legal Mistakes You Accidentally make

In this episode of the Nonprofit Jenni Show podcast, I talked about some inadvertent legal mistakes I've seen pop up in the nonprofit world lately. I asked Rachel Schaffer Lawson of Schaffer Law Firm to come back on the show and answer some questions about employee vs. contractor issues, legal requirements for fundraising, and programs which may not belong in your nonprofit organization.

Two-Pronged Mission Statements

There are some nonprofit organizations who have a mission statement or cause which doesn’t seem, on the surface, to directly relate to their programs. For example, the mission of Girls on the Run is to instill confidence and positive values in grade school girls, but they accomplish this mission through an athletic program. And TechBridge exists to alleviate poverty across the country, but they don’t actually provide direct services to impoverished communities.