Affordable Coaching

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Many social sector leaders aren’t in a position where it would make sense to hire a consultant. Maybe your budget or schedule doesn’t allow for comprehensive consulting services, or you simply don’t need an expert to guide you every step of the way through a new process.

What is nonprofit coaching?

Coaching is different from consulting.

A nonprofit consultant walks side by side with your organization’s leadership to lead you through an audit a part of your organization’s structure, creating a plan to refresh or build more effective systems, and executing your new strategy. The consulting process is very in-depth, requiring lots of energy from both parties through collaborative work.

A nonprofit coach, on the other hand, helps you accomplish work you are fully capable of completing yourself without someone guiding you every step of the way. After you communicate your situation, challenges, and goals, your coach can:

  • Help you identify practical action steps you need to help your organization achieve its goals

  • Lead you through hyper-focused conversations to help you solve specific challenges

  • Hold you accountable for making incremental changes to improve your organization

  • Point you toward helpful resources and professional development opportunities to refine specific skills

Do I need a nonprofit coach or consultant?

This is a tricky question to answer without hearing more information about your situation. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether a coach or consultant would make most sense for your organization at this moment:

  1. Do you need help identifying the root cause of your organizational challenges because you struggle to see beyond the symptoms?

  2. Do you need an outside expert to dedicate at least several hours per week offering practical, hands-on support to address your organizational challenges?

  3. Can you commit to working with an outside expert for at least 5 hours per week for the next several months?

  4. Does your organization have the budget to hire a high quality consultant?

If the answer to at least 3 of the above questions is “yes,” you most likely need to hire a nonprofit consultant. Otherwise, it may make more sense to hire a nonprofit coach. As mentioned before, though, it’s difficult to determine whether you need a consultant or coach without learning more about your situation first. Use the button below to schedule a free evaluation phone call with Nonprofit Jenni for a personalized recommendation:

What coaching services does Nonprofit Jenni offer?

Nonprofit Jenni offers the option of Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly coaching calls for social sector leaders. These coaching calls can be used to discuss:

  • Marketing, Communications, and Engagement challenges

  • Fundraising and Development challenges

  • Start Up and Growth challenges

What consulting services does Nonprofit Jenni offer?

At this time, Nonprofit Jenni is only accepting new consulting clients on a very limited basis. Nonprofit Jenni can may be able to support your organization with the following consulting services:

  • Building a Digital Marketing Calendar to organize your social media, email newsletter, and blog outreach

  • Writing content (copywriting) for your organization’s website, email newsletter, blog, and press releases

  • Building a Public Relations Contact Spreadsheet based on your organization’s mission and PR goals

If Nonprofit Jenni does not have availability to offer consulting services to your organization, we would love to point you to an appropriate resource. Please schedule an Evaluation Call with us to learn more.

What if I need help with something else?

We know it can be difficult to find qualified professionals to support your organization in other areas. If you need help in an area which isn’t listed above, please contact us so we can direct you to an appropriate resource. We do not charge for this service, and we do not accept commissions from anyone to whom we may refer you.

What are Nonprofit Jenni’s prices?

Nonprofit Jenni works to make coaching and consulting services more accessible to smaller organizations with affordable pricing options. The cost of your services will depend on your organization’s needs, and the estimated time required to complete your requested services. Please schedule a free Evaluation Call so we can get to know your situation.